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Hello Canners!

I’ve had the best interactions with folks reaching out to me. I love hearing from people who share their canning questions, issues, suggestions, feedback or just wanna chat about my videos. It’s such a unique way to connect with folks. As mentioned in a previous blog post, Canning is Communal, Canning is, in fact, communal. Food in general brings people together. Preparing food together is a joyful way to commune. PRESERVING food together is my personal favorite.

Preserving food with one or more people makes the work go faster. As the saying goes “more hands make less work.” But it’s also a way to share life together by creating something healthy and nutritious for the whole family. Nothing made my dad and grandfather happier than when we were all in the kitchen together “puttin’ up food” for the winter. It probably helped that both these men grew up without a whole lot and understood what hunger was. Canning homemade goodies gave hope for the future. 

What I’ve marveled at in my own family is how my husband and children appreciate the work I put into preserving food for them. They do help some, when home and available but I often do the work alone or with friends. However, when I get them in the kitchen and they are filling the jars with the delicious goodies we have prepared it’s a thrilling time for us all. The family really does appreciate opening a jar they may have filled and processed earlier in the year. It’s fun and exciting for me to watch them open the jar listening for the popping sound of a well sealed product. 

I think I may have mentioned I’m a bit of a canning nerd. Welp. This I’m sure solidifies it even more! 

So, hello to you all out there who have been so gracious and kind, asking your questions, offering feedback and reaching out to chat. I see you, am so grateful for your interest and thrilled we all get to commune together. Happy Canning!

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