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A safe space to learn and share safe home food preservation/canning practices

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“Why preserve food when I can buy it at the store?”

When you preserve your own food you know what’s in it, which is the food item itself. There are no preservatives (unless you add them but why would you?), less sugar, sodium, and chemicals if you use organic produce. 

There are many studies that show how cooking your own meals is so much better for your health and your wallet. Preserving your own food is the same. There are some initial start-up costs but the jars and equipment can be used for years/decades to come. Canning/home food preservation can help save your health and is easier on your wallet.


Fortunately, canning/food preservation is simple and easy to do. 

Canning/preserving food is not too different from learning to cook. Once you learn how to use the equipment (like the oven or stove in your own kitchen) you can use these same skills with different recipes. The process doesn’t change too much from recipe to recipe.


"Stacey is a talented teacher and master of home preservation!  I was new to canning but after taking a group class with her, I felt prepared and inspired to start making my own jam.  She is passionate about her work and passing along her knowledge.  In my private lesson, I learned even more. She knows the local farms and makes great recommendations based on seasonality of produce.  From homemade sauerkraut to canned fresh tuna, Stacey is an amazing resource!"

Laura W.

One-On-One Instruction


Preserve and treat food as you would your body, remembering that in time food will be your body.

- B. W. Richardson

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