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It’s Springtime and things are starting to bloom!

 Which is so exciting and annoying all at the same time when it comes to canning and food preservation. Exciting because all the fresh foods I love are about to be available! Annoying because they aren’t available JUST yet. So, what does a canner like me do in the meantime???? Prep and get ready for the season to come.

Here’s a list of things to do:

Here’s a list of things to buy

  • Pectin - make sure to check the expiration dates prior to purchasing!!!

  • 5% White or Apple Cider Vinegar - remember: when pickling you need to use store bought 5% vinegar as it’s guaranteed to have the correct percentage. Homemade vinegars are inconsistent. Save the homemade vinegars for non shelf stable storage foods and recipes.

  • Pickling Salt

  • Pickling Spices - unless you make your own, here’s a recipe if you don’t have one:

  • Sugar for jams, jellies, marmalases, fruits and the like

  • Supplies to watch for when pickling:

  • Fresh dill weed

  • Garlic in bulk 

  • Dried peppers

These are some basic items to get you started. Reviewing your favorite recipes to prepare for the season may spark your memory for other items needed. 

Did I mention how excited I am for this time of year???? ITS. SO. MUCH. FUN!

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